Glashütte is situated at the eastern end of the Baruth glacial valley. Some villages belonging to the city of Baruth are part of the hilly Fläming region. Adjacent in southeastern direction the famous touristical region of the Spreewald can be found. A visit of Glashütte might easily combined with other attractive destinations nearby.


FLAEMING SKATE  - approx. 230 km long

Skate and cycle on the finest asphalt. Take a break amongst the trees or at one of many pleasant restaurants along the way. Discover new sights and retrace history. You can do all this and lots more along the Flaeming-Skate, in Europe's skating region just south of Berlin. The three metre wide track and additional two metre wide cycle path lead you through Lower Flaeming and the Baruth glacial valley, altogether adding up to around 230 kilometres. Sleepy little villages, venerable old stone churches and historical windmills line the path along with other reminders of ancient as well as more contemporary history. Interesting landmarks, sports and leisure centres complete what's on offer. More []


Only 5 kilometres apart from Glashütte the game reserve Johannismühle is situated. In landscape of more than 100 hectares with wood, grassland and ponds one can explore and watch domestic game species. You can find  bighorns, red deer, European wisent, wild horses, brown bear, wolf, lynx, eagle, glue, owl and pecker.

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Driving pleasure and a lot of fun you can experience at the Kart Center Spreewaldring. Prove your driving talent on the 800 metre track.

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SCHLEPZIG in the Spreewald (approx. 25 km)

Nearby you find in Schlepzig a fine base for water tourism. Stroll on the Spree and its tributaries. Schlepzig was founded more than 1000 years ago.

TROPICAL ISLAND (approx. 13 km)
Europe's largest tropical holiday resort

Europe’ largest tropical holiday resort is worthwhile visiting. Glashütte welcomes guests from Tropical Islands, too.

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Book and Bunker Town Wünsdorf (approx. 23 km)

Old books, bunkers, military history and culture are concentrated on a manageable area located in a romantic Brandenburg pine forest only 40 km away from the south of Berlin.

We offer eventful and informative hours above and under the ground level during the whole year.

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